The 7 Secrets of Getting the Best Price for Double Glazing

Find Window Costs, 28th June 2017

As revealed by an anonymous double glazing salesman

Double-glazing; it can slash your bills and add value to your house, but most of us are in the dark when it comes to how to get a fair deal on getting it installed. What should you be paying, and how can you make sure you’re getting the best rate? We’ve got some tips for cutting through the sales pitch to a good price.

Secret 1: Go straight to the bottom line

The first time you encounter a double-glazing company, you’ll probably be initially offered their list price. But remember that a salesperson is usually authorised to discount this price quite dramatically – in fact, they’re likely to be expecting to offer a discount before a sale is agreed. Be aware that such discounts are a regular occurrence in the double-glazing industry, and it’s likely that the final price you’re offered is the fair price for the work, so it’s useful to be prepared for the price to change before you’re done.

Secret 2: Ask for that discount

Some double-glazing salespeople may show you that price list without mentioning any potential deals, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t available. Most of us hate negotiating on price, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get! Be prepared to request a discount yourself. Researching fair prices and getting different quotes in advance can help you be confident doing this.

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Secret 3: Take your time

While a salesperson may tell you that the offer on the table is for today only, it’s always best not to sign up on the spot. Not only will you put yourself in a stronger position for further discounts by waiting, but you’ll give yourself a chance to get other quotes and research other suppliers.

Secret 4: Research your options

This is a crucial part of getting that great double-glazing deal; get a range of quotes. An informed decision is much more likely to get you the best price, no matter how attractive the first deal you’re offered is. Don’t take a double-glazing company’s word that their price is the best out there; instead, get several prices for the work from different companies and compare them. Often smaller, less well-known companies will offer very competitive quotes and service on a par with the big players. And an extra tip; make sure the salespeople you speak to know that you’re shopping around – you’re more likely to get to their best price quickly if they know they’re competing with someone else.

Secret 5: Stay in control

The double-glazing salesman who just won’t leave is a bit of a dated cliché, but it’s still worth making sure you stay in control of sales situations. If a salesman is visiting your home, set a time limit on the visit in advance and let them know. Don’t let the meeting overrun. It can also be useful to have someone else there to make sure the call ends when you want it to.

Secret 6: Research insurance

Double glazing companies often offer insurance on top of the cost of installing the windows. This can be a good deal and save you time, but bear in mind theirs may not be the best deal out there, so shop around before you sign on the dotted line. And check your household insurance first – you may well be already covered.

Secret 7: Get your requirements straight

It’s often the add-ons to a double-glazing quote that put the price up. Wood-effect frames, aluminium frames, A-rated glass – all these extras have genuine uses that may be just right for you, but before you agree to add them to the quote make sure you really want and need them. It’s well worth doing some research before you talk to a salesperson about the look you want and any extra features that are relevant.

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